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      • Personal Information

      • Skills

    • Software:
    • Luxology Modo (expert).
    • Autodesk 3DS Max (very competent).
    • Autodesk Mudbox (expert).
    • Adobe Photoshop (expert).
    • Newtek Lightwave (expert).

    • Experienced with various game engines, including:
    • Unreal Engine 3 (expert, including extensive knowledge of the material editor for creation of complex materials and effects).
    • Unity (expert).
    • Valve Source Engine(working knowledge).
    • Torque (TGE+TGEA) (experienced).

      • Experience

    • Irate Games, LLC (2010)
    • http://www.irate-games.com/
    • Title: Evil Angry Planet.
    • 3D Artist.
    • Responsibilities included creating 2D and 3D art highly optimised for the mobile iOS platform.
    • Created much of the 3D content for the game. Turret units, enemies environments from concept to completion.
    • Created all effects, such as explosions, bullet tracers and level-up effects.
    • Powered by Unity Engine.

    • Simthetiq Inc. (September 2008-2010)
    • http://www.simthetiq.com/
    • Vehicle artist.
    • Modelling and texturing of various photo-realistic, real-time military vehicles and equipment.
    • High and low resolution modelling for use with next-generation shader techniques.

    • Quantum Flux Games (2009-2010).
    • Multiple award winning mod-turned Unreal Engine 3 standalone game.
    • Technical artist - Responsible for preparing, importing and placing every art element found throughout the game world.
    • Handled all lighting, post-processing and visual effects work.
    • Environment artist - Created many environment assets including detailed props, core world geometry and large scale
      background scenery consisting of city skylines, animated clouds and skydomes.

    • Steampunk Studios(2008-2009).
    • http://www.steampunkstudios.com/
    • Environment artist.
    • Unannounced platformer (Xbox 360/Playstation 3).
    • Modeling and texturing stylised environment objects and background creatures for use in the vibrant game world.
    • Working with stylised art direction.

      • Personal Experience
    • I have worked as a self-employed freelance game artist for over 5 years, working independant with companies and studios.
      As a freelance artist I am capable working as an individual and keeping self-motivated, but greatly enjoy a team atmosphere
      wtih a casual-but-focused attitude.
      I have contributed to many mods and free game projects in my time, mostly working on environment, vehicle and texture art.

      • Personal Acheivements
    • Voluntary staff member of www.Game-Artist.net. Proudly supported by www.CGSociety.org.

      • About me
    • When I'm not arting, gaming or generally sitting around, I love rock climbing! Living in London I'm stuck with going to
      indoor climbing gyms, my regular being the excellent Castle Climbing Center in Finsbury Park, north London.

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